Description of the Program for Acceleration in Careers of Engineering (PACE)

A typical site now serves between 30 to 60 students per year. Many former PACE students have gone on to graduate from very rigorous engineering programs at some of this nations finest colleges and universities. Now, PACE alumni are beginning to return to the program to serve as staff members and inspire today’s PACE students.

The PACE program schedule coincides with the 9-month school year from October through June. Each Saturday morning from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., PACE students are enlightened and challenged by a series of classes in three areas.

The first area focuses on Career Exposure, Personal Development, & Cultural Awareness. Students participate in lively group discussions covering a wide range of topics designed to increase the student’s knowledge of self, boost self-esteem, develop professional skills, and encourage social responsibility. Some of the topics discussed are African history, resume writing, interviewing techniques, test taking skills, study habits, teenage pregnancy, and current events.

The second area is Engineering & Science Exploration and is divided into a number of different sections designed to allow students to move from the basics of engineering offered in the Introduction to Engineering class to the experiences in scientific design and experimentation offered in the Advanced Engineering Projects class. Other engineering classes offered include Electrical Engineering Projects and Computer Science.

The third area is Mathematics Development and is also divided into a number of different sections designed to prepare students for their engineering projects classes. Math classes offered in a typical PACE youth development program include Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, and Pre-Calculus.

In addition to the classes and the student/staff interaction, the PACE Program offers:

  • Cultural Celebrations
  • Field Trips & Special Events
  • College Preparatory Guidance Counseling
  • SAT Preparation Classes
  • Summer Internship Assistance

Specific course offerings, schedules, and activities may vary slightly from one branch site to another, as branch administrators and their staffs tune the program to best serve the needs of their students, parents, and staff.